Monday, 15 February 2016

my week in snapshots (2)

Wow at how fast last week went! I had a lovely week off from work down in Devon but it went too fast. I woke up this morning missing the sound of the rough waves and the seagulls sounds. But here I am today to recap what I did in that week.

1. Before driving off to Devon, we had to stop off for a Costa as I was in desperate need of a large coffee. This sure did wake me up for the 3 hour journey ahead of us.

2. Whilst I was at Costa I also noticed the Krispy Kreme stands that WH Smith have in the service stations...I of course picked up about 3 of their glorious doughnuts. My favourite is cookie crunch. So I laid on the comfortable sofa in the living room and ate the entire one.

3. We went back to our favourite fish restaurant in Dartmouth one of the days called Rockfish. We love this restaurant, they do the best fish. I love seafood and I always try something new. You get free water and as many chips as you like. As much as I love the fish, they do the best pink lemonade.

4. As we were travelling to Plymouth we decided to have our date day/night which was food, bowling and cinema. Never in that order but we found one place that had it all there for us so. We went to Pizza Express first which was our first one! I had the biggest pizza because I am a huge pizza lover and I was very pleased with it.

5. Part of the date day/night we then went tenpin bowling. The bowling alley was so retro with arcade games and they even had slush puppies. I of course lost...twice. Bummer.

6. For the cinema it didn't take us long to decide what to go and see. DEADPOOL. I have been waiting for this movie for MONTHS. Firstly: Ryan Reynolds is smoking hot and Secondly: Deadpool is awesome. It was really good, totally recommend if you're into Marvel movies or just fancy the pants of Ryan Reynolds.

7. One of the days we were in Devon we actually had the nicest weather. There's a cute area in the house where you can just chill out next to this big window and look at the sea. I think I spent many days in that chair as it was so peaceful to stare out.

8. Lastly is just common Instagram picture of your shoes and the sea...oh just me then? It again was a gorgeous day that I was able to take outfit pictures which you can see a full post on here

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  1. Ahh looks like such an amazing week :) loving the pics.

  2. Looks soo lovely, all the foodie photos are making me hungry!

  3. Loved this post! I love the idea of the week in snapshots! Sounds like a a lovely week you had.


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