Saturday, 27 February 2016

payday wishlist (10)

It's that time when payday is coming around and I put together a wishlist of things I will probably not buy! But I enjoy putting making these with hope that my bank balance will buy me all the things I add. Here's hoping as I absolutely have been craving these items most recently. Although I am saving money still for various things so I can't go too cray. But here's what I have chosen...
payday wishlist (10)
1. Charlotte Tilbury Date Night Duo Lipsticks, £42.00 - If you're signed up to the Charlotte Tilbury newsletter you will get told about new products and this one was one. I am in love as I always am with Tilbury lipsticks, especially these shades. I think 'Between The Sheets' looks the perfect nude pink. Would be perfect for Spring!
2. Topshop Striped Body, £18.00 - I once owned one of these body tops and it was the most uncomfortable thing ever but when I was in Topshop a couple of weeks ago, I did try this one on and it was perfect. I can't decide if I like it in the blue or the black, let me know which you prefer best.
3. Topshop Rip Mom Jeans, £42.00 - Gosh I don't know how long I have wanted a pair of mom jeans for, let's just say in F O R E V E R. I always debate with myself whether to buy a pair or not as I don't think they would suit me but I would love them for this Summer to wear with my white converse. I'll keep you updated.
4. Roberts RD60 Digital Radio In White, £151.00 - I have had my current DAB/FM radio for years and it is pretty much taking up so much room on my bookcase so I am currently looking for a cute small radio and Roberts Radio's have always been on my mind. I love how retro they are and they work really well. All I want to do is listen to the radio everyday without the signal running away from me every time I walk in front of it.
5. ASOS Cat Eye Sunglasses, £12.00 - I am the fussiest person when it comes to sunglasses. I think I own about 7 pairs and now I dislike them all. I have never owned cat eye sunglasses before and I know ASOS are the place to get a decent pair for a good price. These are great if you're having that bad eyebrow day and just want to cover them up, they sound perfect already right?
6. The Body Shop British Rose Gift Set, £40.00 - The excitement when The Body Shop release new products makes me happy. I am very much in love with this collection. I had a sneaky smell of a few of the products when I popped into my local store and they are really nice. I am tempted to try their Instant Glow Body Essence seeing as my skin needs that glow desperately.
7. Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Cologne, £42.00 - Anything that says Peony, I know will be good. Peony scent is my favourite and I just know Jo Malone will pull it off. I haven't yet lost my Malone virginity but now I have found this scent I will be popping to a counter.
8. River Island Triangle Bra, £16.00  - How gorgeous is this bra? High street are killing it really well with Lingerie recently. I have a few triangle bra's from Topshop and I love them. I used to wear wired bras and they really started to hurt me so I changed to triangle bras. This one is an online exclusive only which is a shame as I always want to try a bra on before buying it.

Do you like any of these items?
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  1. I love those mom jeans, they look like the perfect pair! Hope you'll have a lovely Sunday :) x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

  2. Love those sunglasses, I also collect them xoxo

  3. Everything looks just so pretty! Lovely picks! I love the radio and the lipsticks!

    Be | lovefrombe

  4. Jo Malone products are always one of those things you kinda want! I have been eyeing a couple of products up since last year and I still haven't gotten round to purchasing it hahah :)
    Kathy xx

  5. Those glasses are so unique and pretty!
    Charlotte //


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