Monday, 22 February 2016

my first kiko cosmetics haul

Finding new beauty brands makes me happy even finding affordable brands like KIKO. I was so happy to find out that a new store had opened in Birmingham, I was soon enough on my way to the shop on a Saturday. When I walked in there were just rows and rows of make-up. I didn't know where to start, but I went straight to where the lip products were and then I was instantly hooked.

Starting with lip pencils I picked up one of their Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Pencils in 'Warm Rose - 302. I wish I'd picked more of these up because they were in the sale for £2.90 each! I did spend a long time trying to choose which colour to get and this shade really stood out for me as I love a nice nudey pink colour. I wore it out on Saturday night and it lasted ALL night.

Right next to the lip products was Nail Polishes and I was memorised by the colour coordination, everything looked so pretty. I picked up 'Apple Red -  240' which is a gorgeous dark red. I love my red polishes and I tend to run out of them because it is the one colour I love to wear on my nails. £2.50 from £3.90 is a bargain, will be going back to buy more.

After a little browse of the other products I went straight to base products and thought I would look at their Concealers. I went straight for the Dark Circle Concealer as I am suffering terribly with dark circles under my eyes. I tried it out and it really does cover up well, I was impressed. The one down side is that it comes with a pump application and when I first pumped the formula out it went everywhere. I wish it just came without it. But it does work well.
Next I looked at their Eyeliners so I picked up their precision liquid eyeliner. This is a great eyeliner and it applies so easily and can do a lovely cat eye which I love to do.

I do apologise that you can't see the beauty of this eyeshadow in the photo. But I picked up one of their Colour Sphere Eyeshadows in 'Golden White Multicolour - 29'. This eyeshadow is gorgeous. It is so easy to blend with any other colour you're adding to your eyes. It is very glittery but you can't really see that once it's applied to your eyes. I really want to buy more of these as their were others that really caught my eye.
Lastly I went to the skincare section. I sadly couldn't find this online but you can buy it in store. I loved the look of these Purifying Pads. They already have toner and cleanser in one so you only need to swipe one of these all over your face and your skin care is done. The girl in the shop said this is great if you do get blemishes and redness. There are 66 pads inside which will probably last you for ages. I cannot wait to give them a try.

I'd recommend taking a look at KIKO online or in store if you can because they are high quality and affordable. There are many products that I still want to try out and I will probably be heading back there again soon enough. I have loved delving into the world of KIKO Milano Cosmetics!

Have you tried KIKO Cosmetics and have favourite products?
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  1. I have a KIKO very near me - I really need to have a proper look around, you picked up some really good bits!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. Could you do a review on the purifying pads once you've tried and tested them? :)


  3. Their lip liners are amazing! I talked about one of them and a matching lipstick on my blog and fell in love with them!
    Charlotte //

  4. ive never tried any kiko products before but they look so so good :) xx


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