Thursday, 25 February 2016

lush haul (7)

I slipped and fell into Lush yet again, but this time they finally had brand new additions in for this Spring/Easter. I don't know if it is just me but I love their Spring collection every year. The bright colours and beautiful scents just make me spend so much money that it makes my bank balance cry. But if you saw these products, you wouldn't just not leave without them.

Flowering Tea Reusable Bubble Bar / £4.95 - How sweet is this tea bag bubble bar. This is part of the Mother's Day range and I could see why, who's mother doesn't love a cup of tea? The special part about this is that you can reuse it and that makes me happy. Also, when you run it under your tap not only does it create bubbles but fragrant, flower petals fall into your bath which create a smell to help you relax. I really can't wait to see how this will look.

Ladybird Bubble Bar / £3.95 - Now this is well cute, a ladybird. I loved the look of this and the smell well, it really is amazing. It reminds me very much of The Comforter by the smell, very sweet. You can also keep using this one as you can break it up easily and use it again.

Bunch Of Carrots / £6.25 - I remember seeing these last year but the price had always put me off as I thought it was too pricey. But I gave in to the gorgeous smell and how they looked really wanted me to see what they would do. Again, you can reuse these which I like. I'm not really sure if they are a bubble bar as it wasn't stated in store or online but they look too cute for Easter.

Have you bought anything from the Easter range?
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  1. All these bits look so nice - I think I may just have to pick up the ladybird bubble bar!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. I had a trip to Lush the other day and also bought the ladybird. It's too cute isn't it?? I didn't see the teabag though and I'm so disappointed because it sounds lovely! x

    Katie |

  3. I've never seen that tea bag one before, sounds very interesting!
    Charlotte //

  4. Oh I do love Lush - I've had the Bunch of Carrots before, but will probably have to pick up the other two! great post 😀

  5. Aaaah the pastel coloured carrots are perfect! SO cute! xx

    Kate |

  6. omg these are adorable,love lush at ester time xx


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