Wednesday, 17 February 2016

5 things to bake - spring

I am getting far too excited about Spring. I have loved baking my whole life, from that day when I was 6 years old and I got a Barbie baking kit, I was instantly hooked. I especially loved doing cooking classes at school as I would make so much food and then take it home to munch on with the family. I stepped away from it for a while until The Great British Bake Off hit our TV screens here in the UK and it reminded me how much I missed baking.
Since I have been pinning on Pinterest I have came across so many great recipes and these are just the few that I would love to bake this Spring. 
Garden Carrot Cup Cakes: How cute are these! I am definitely going to be making these. They just look like you're pulling a carrot out of the ground but in sponge chocolate. And the strawberries look like cute as carrots, this will be so easy to do.
White Easter Egg Cup Cakes: I'm sure you have to add Cadbury's Easter Eggs to a baking recipe for Spring it would be wrong not to. These look so cute! The chocolate shavings look just like a birds nest. I love the idea of using white chocolate, I will definitely be baking these and will keep you updated!
Creme Egg Fudge: Oh my, I do love fudge and these look incredible. I have never actually made fudge before so this recipe could be a lot of fun. If you don't like creme egg I'm sure there's something else you could put in the fudge.
Easter Egg Cookies: You can't beat cookies and they are so dead easy to bake. I love these designs, I probably won't do them exactly the same as I am terrible at doing designs on cakes/biscuits but I'll try my best.
Lemon & Elderflower Drizzle Cake: If I was to make this and it would be perfect, I'd pat myself on the back. This looks AMAZING! I love Lemon drizzle cake but with Elderflower, it will probably taste a lot better. I love the decoration and how it looks. Will be tough to bake but I really want to give it a try.

Do you like the look of any of these recipes? 
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  1. Omg all of these look amazing!! The little easter egg cookies are too cute, I can't wait to start baking some cute things in the spring! x

  2. I will have to try some of these!
    Alicia x

  3. Those easter egg cookies are so perfectly decorated it's unbelievable! Everything looks so yummy!
    Charlotte //

  4. Aww those garden carrot cakes - love that idea. I can NOT wait to get some easter baking done, I bake all the time but easter has to be my fave!

  5. The white easteregg cupcakes sounds to die for! I will definitely be making some of this closer to the easter time :)

    kathy xx

  6. ive been really into baking recently, love these ideas! may have to try some xx


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