Sunday, 31 January 2016

my week in snapshots (1)

I am loving Instagram a lot more recently so I have been taking a few snaps of a few things that have happened this week. So here I am to share with you what I have been up to! I love reading Instagram update posts as I always find new accounts to follow, let me know your user below and I will check out your account.

1. I posted a picture of these lovely pancakes that I have been craving from this really nice place that does brunch. I love my pancakes and bacon, it's the perfect combination most definitely.

2. On Saturday night me and my boyfriend went to a masquerade ball hosted at his student union at his University. We had been looking forward to this night for weeks. We got our masks from Ebay for ridiculously cheap prices so we were ready for the party. Lawson were the main band performing for the ball so it was pretty good. I had heard of their music before so I was excited. It was a great night and I can finally tick it off my bucket list as I had always wanted to go to a masquerade ball.

3. Of course I posted a snap of my Lush haul like most Instagramers do. I did write a full post of what I did buy which you can read here.

4. Basically with this snap, I was very hungry and I wanted coffee, so I went to Costa Coffee and Subway. I tried Subways new bacon and steak 6 inch, wowser it was bloomin' lovely. Then I just had my regular costa caramel cappuccino.

5. I had a delivery and it was these happy plugs earphones from Amazon. I have needed new earphones for SO SO LONG. Like, just imagine listening to music and just having one of the ear puds ruined my days for many months. Until I came across these, rose gold...ROSE GOLD...earphones. I added them to my basket straight away. They match my rose gold coin purse and bag nicely. They are really good quality aswell, you can have a good read about them here.

6. Just a snap of what you expect when you go into Lush. The prettiness just made me take a photo. Enough said about that.

7. The Benefit mini products are my favourite thing at the moment. They are tempting me to buy the full versions which I know is a lot of money...but it's Benefit make-up!

8. Lastly is a snap of Dartmouth, Devon where I will be going this Sunday for a week. I am so so excited so expect a lot of snaps when I am down there.

So that is my week in snapshots, I hope you had a lovely week! Let me know below what your plans are for this week.
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