Tuesday, 5 January 2016

payday wishlist (8)


I have no idea why I have titled this post "payday wishlist (8)" as I am on a spending ban this month, which means this was like a form of torture when I was making this. But let's just say that these are the things I probably would buy with my pay cheque! Here are what I am lusting over at the moment, in my first wishlist of 2016...

1. Cord Pinafore Dress, Topshop £39.00 - I have been after a red pinafore dress for so long and this one from Topshop is an urgent need because it is perfect!
2. Bouncy Sleeping Mask, The BodyShop £24.00 - I read all about The Body Shop's new collection in this months Cosmopolitan magazine a couple days ago and I couldn't stop thinking about their new sleeping mask. I have always wanted to try a sleeping mask as I wake up with irritating skin in the mornings, so I think this will be needed in my nightly skin routine at some point.
3. Ribbed Stripe Long Sleeve Top, New Look £19.99 - New Look have so many staple items that I want at the moment - the sort of clothes you can just wear with anything and will never get bored of. I love this one especially for the stripes and the long sleeves which make it perfect for this cold weather we still have.
4. High Waisted Leggings, New Look £12.99 - I once had a pair of check leggings from Topshop and they were just like these from New Look. They are so easy to style especially in the colder days with a long jumper and boots. They make a casual look more stylish.
5. NARS Satin Lip Pencil, Look Fantastic £19.00 - I have only ever bought ONE thing from NARS and I need to change that as I love the look of these lip pencils. I've got my eye on Biscayne Park which is a peach shade.
6. Naked Basics Palette, Debenhams £23.00 - I loved wearing eye shadow's all year, so this year I want to do the same with a famous palette. This one from Naked seems like the perfect starter for that.
7. Vans Disney Jungle Book Shoes, Vans £52.00 £36.40 - LOOK FOR THE BARE NECESSITIES, THE SIMPLE BARE NECESSITIES...you know the rest I'm sure. But how GREAT are these from Vans?! As a Disney lover I need to own these.
8. Happy Plugs Rose Gold Earphones, Amazon £14.99 - Oh how much I am missing listening to music in private and being in my own little world. Yes, you have guessed it, I have lost my earphones. Now is the perfect opportunity to get these lovely rose gold ones to match my bag accessories...

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  1. Love all these! It looks like we have very similar style! x


  2. I need a satin lip pencil I'm now realising! Also those leggings are too cute!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination


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