Thursday, 28 January 2016

lush haul (6)

Hello all, here I am again with one of my popular posts, a Lush haul. I went on two separate Lush sprees. One of the stores didn't have my personal favourites but had two newbies. But I went to another store yesterday and I finally got my favourites that I continue to buy every time. You'll have probably seen me brag about a few of these bath treats but if not then do carry on reading.

Twilight Bath Bomb / £3.50 Each - A first personal favourite of mine. I absolutely love this bath bomb so much. It is designed to help you sleep so it's filled with lavender which is soothing, mind clearing and calming among other ingredients. It also looks so nice when it explodes into the water.
Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar / £4.25 Each - Now look at this beauty, just take it all in. It is a Unicorn Horn! I remember buying this a few months back but it was a little bit bigger and it had small stars inside of it. This is perfect for those gloomy dull days that we are currently having here in the UK with his dreamy smell and the magic it creates in the bath.
The Comforter Bubble Bar / £4.95 Each - Ah the reliable Comforter Bubble Bar. I just love this product and how many baths you can get out of it. Also, if you love a pink bath like myself then this does just that. It turns into a gorgeous pink shade and smells beautiful. I still haven't picked up the shower gel version and it really bugs me every time I miss it. Maybe next time...
Lover Lamp Bath Bomb / £3.95 Each - A newbie to the Valentines crew is this bath bomb. This is super cute and it smells like Terry's white chocolate orange with a bit of vanilla. One of the lovely girls in the shop said that when the love hearts come out of the ball, you can rub them all over your skin as they contain cocoa butter. I cannot wait to use this.
Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb / £3.50 Each - I always buy this bath bomb without a fail. I love it so much. You can see a full review on it here. I need to buy at least many more of these when I do go into Lush because once I have used one I am so unhappy.

Have you been to Lush recently?
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  1. Oh god I love Lush so much, I've got a stash left over from Christmas but reading your post makes me want to go & buy stuff from the Valentines range! I had the Unicorns Horn last year, it's SO pretty so I'm really glad they brought it back again this year, can't wait to pick one up!

    L x

  2. The Comforter is my absolute favourite, and I bought Lovers Lamp the other day and can't wait to use it! I've also been using Ro's Argan which has saved my skin x

    Claudia Harriet // Student Lifestyle Blog


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