Wednesday, 7 October 2015

mini lush haul (4)

Yesterday I did a spot of shopping and had some lunch with a friend. I obviously had to pop into Lush. I was excited to see some new bath treats. I decided to pick just 3 things as near Christmas time I probably will be buying them all. But I am very excited about these bath treats!

Cinder Bath Bomb: This smells heavenly! Cinnamon is my favourite smell so that's a little biased. I've tried other Lush products with popping candy in before and it always works well in the bath. I could imagine it to fizz out so quickly that I will probably miss something exciting but I will have to see what happens when I use it.

Yog Nog Bath Bomb: A Christmas scented bath bomb now and I am rather excited about this. Egg Nog is one of my favourite things about Christmas. The smell is gorgeous, you would think to eat it because it smells like toffee. One of the lovely staff members in Lush said that this would be perfect for one of those cold winter evenings.

Star Dust Bath Bomb: How sweet is this star, I absolutely love this. Just reading the description of this treat automatically made me buy this: 
"Follow yonder star all the way to the bathroom; it will bear exotic gifts of Fair Trade Ugandan vanilla from the Mountains of the Moon and precious rosewood from the depths of the Peruvian rainforest. A twinkly dip in its starlit waters gives a bergamot-powered boost to the mind and body - ideal for a little post-party recovery. Note: wise men not included. "-  If that doesn't make you want to buy it, then I don't know what will.
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  1. Lush bring out their Christmas products so early - not that I'm complaining, haha! I'd like to try the Star Dust bath bomb :)

    Alice -

  2. Will have to keep my eye out for the cinder bath bomb (didn't see it last time I popped in lush) Love the smell of cinnamon 😍 And the star dust one sounds good too :)

    Kirsty -

  3. I resisted popping into Lush today, but after reading this I'm going to have to look soon! The Star Dust bath bomb is adorable.



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