Thursday, 8 October 2015

are false nails worth the hype? elegant touch nails

I enjoy painting my nails but sometimes I just simply cannot be bothered with all the messing around and the huge wait between layers. Having naturally quite strong and long nails myself I very rarely wear false nails. Elegant Touch offer a wide range of false nails, I love the Express Trend collection where they take inspiration from the runway and current trends. I hate overly false looking nails and the designs are right up my street it almost hurts that I know I will never be able to recreate this on my own natural nails. As these have round tips, I do have to file them down to that natural look which only takes 10 minutes. You only need a small layer of glue on your nail and then you just place down the nail which will stick in 4 seconds. They say that they last for around 10 days which is true.
Overall I think that false nails with designs on them are a great alternative to doing it yourself or for those of you that fear nail art in the first place. Elegant Touch offer so many designs at a very affordable price of only £7.95, and can be picked up in most Boots stores so you have no excuse not to embrace nail art this A/W!
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  1. I don't personally use false nails as I tend to stick to polish, but these are gorgeous. Perfect for nights out or events :) x


  2. These are so pretty, I need to try them! xx


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