Saturday, 8 August 2015

my beauty flaws

I saw some of these posts floating around and I thought I would give it a go, as I have failed on a few beauty related things. You could also relate to any of these or you could just laugh. So really this is just a fun post. If you are wondering what the products are that are in the picture then click on the links below.
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1. Starting with brows and I have never touched them myself. When I say that I mean I have never tweezed them, waxed them and shaped them myself. My mum always used to pluck them for me as I was always scared of messing them up and she does do a good job. But sometime last year I decided to get some professional help, so now I get them threaded which sounded painful at first for me but boy, they do a good job.

2. I've never liked false eye lashes. Because well I can't apply them. I just can't. I've only ever tried applying them once and they just looked a mess. Now I just stick to eye lash curlers and mascara, pretty much my friends think I'm wearing individual lashes some days because my lashes look so long!

3. Contouring, well I can't do that either. I know when you buy some contour kits you get a book explaining how to do it but I still can't quite figure it out. If you can contour then I applaud you and you should come over and teach me.

4. I constantly forget to clean my make-up brushes. I used to clean them at least once a week but because I work constantly it always seems to run away out of my mind. But now I'm trying to make note to myself to clean them as often as I can. So, their not always dirty.

5. I apply more concealer on my face than foundation. I have the worst bags under my eyes and I have horrible redness around my nose so I tend to apply so much concealer around those areas than foundation. My foundation doesn't give much coverage as I have never liked foundations which make your face look so matte. So I always try and cover as much as I can with concealer. 

6. I don't wear enough lip balm. I know that if you're going to wear lipstick for the day you apply lip balm before the lipstick so it keeps it moisturised and lasts longer, but I never do it. I love my lipsticks and the amount of times my lips have gone chapped from wearing them for a whole day is pretty gross.

If you related to any of these then please let me know so I am not alone.
thank you for reading!
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  1. This was really interesting to read - I really enjoyed it!


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