Friday, 21 August 2015

lush the experimenter bath bomb

The other night I decided to use this bath bomb called The Experimenter as when I bought this I was very excited by it's fun multi-coloured feature, along with the glitter shimmer to it. When I put this in the bath, it quickly started to dissolve and the popping candy inside started popping straight away. It shoots out beautifully vibrant colours, it felt like a galaxy was being exploded in my bath. I had to Snapchat it straight away to my friends as it was just so beautiful. But then suddenly all the colours went away, it turned the water into a dark murky blue colour. I didn't particularly like the smell. Rather a mysterious smell as I can't really describe what it smells like. Then after you drain the water away you are then left with gold glitter which was too much of a problem to get rid of.
The smell afterwards on my skin smelt fantastic to be honest and my skin was very soft. I wasn't left with glitter all over my skin either. I think if I buy this again I would probably have to mix it with something that can make it bubbly to cover that horrible murky blue colour.

Have you tried The Experimenter?
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