Monday, 13 March 2017

meeting meerkats

Yesterday me and Sean finally went to meet some meerkats as part of a Christmas present from my parents. We travelled to Mansfield which took us an hour and thirty minutes in the car. On arrival we made it to Willow Tree Farm which was tiny and had other animals. We waited until our slot which was 3 o'clock to meet our new furry friends. When we got to the small pit where they were kept, four meerkats appeared to greet us. I had seen meerkats before but I never expected them to be how they was up close and personal.

A lovely girl also named Paige gave us a small plastic tubs full of scrambled eggs and meal worms, soon enough all four meerkats were around us. I couldn't believe what they were like, so friendly and calm. Their was one girl and three boys, their names were Lottie, Ander, Frankie and my personal favourite Timon.
Soon after the food was eaten, they were all about exploring us. Ander ended up in my hood, which came as a surprise as you can see from the photos.
Overall the experience was so lovely and was worth it. If you know somebody who would love a gift like this, their are loads of great deals on Wowcher or Groupon.

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  1. They're absolutely adorable - what an amazing experience!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. This looks like such a cool experience!! They look like so much fun. 😆



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