Wednesday, 1 March 2017

a spring to do list

Horray we are in March and that means that Spring is finally upon us. I feel like Spring is the perfect time for new things. So here are a few things on my to do list:

1. Spring clean my bedroom. Clear out my wardrobe & make room for some new bits.
2. Treat myself to a few bags of mini eggs.
3. Paint my nails in some cute pastel colours. I really love wearing Essie's Fiji
4. Buy some tulips & daffodils to brighten up my bedroom.
5. Pick up a Spring blusher, I have my eye on Sleek's Pixie Pink.
6. Bake some Easter treats that I have seen on Pinterest. I have found some great ones on my Baking board.
7. Take more photos. I might try going on cute afternoon walks & catching pastel sunsets.
8. Wear more colour. Now Winter is gone I can finally get out my colourful pieces.
9. Start using my new make-up brushes. Spectrum Rose Gold Brushes.
10. Use my new Lush bath treats from the Mothers Day collection. I am so excited to use Ups-A-Daisy.

What is on your Spring to do list?
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  1. I'm excited to crack out essie's fiji nail polish now the spring is rolling around!

    Lucy | Forever September


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