Friday, 10 March 2017

iphone 7 plus review!

So the other day I finally got an early upgrade for a new phone and I was beyond excited as I knew what I wanted to get. I previously had the iPhone 6 16GB on a 12 month contract. I love waiting for new releases especially from Apple so I figured when I had the early upgrade I would get one of the recent phones. 

When I had heard about the iPhone 7 plus having the dual camera, I couldn't resist. Honestly the only thing I was worried about with this phone was the size; especially because it was a big hop from the 6. But you can carry on reading my thoughts below...

The dual camera is the main reason why I went with this phone. When I had the 6 I was always taking photos of everything so having a great phone camera meant a lot to me. You can really tell the difference between for example my old phone camera compared to this one. Whenever I would zoom in on my 6 the photo wouldn't be as sharp so the quality wouldn't be so great, where as the 7 plus if you zoom in the photo is sharp quality. Portrait mode is becoming my obsession, I have been taking more photos of everything. You can see photos below using this...
The size is something that I surprisingly got used to straight away. I love to watch Youtube videos on my phone so having a big clear screen was a bonus. I have no problems using or texting on it, everything just looks so crisp on it.
Battery life on this phone is insane, I don't need to charge it as much as I used to with my iPhone 6.

One thing I heard before I got this phone was about the removal of the headphone jack. This bothered a lot of people, for me it isn't a big deal. In the box mine came with headphones, which I thought was weird until I saw the little adapter (which I will lose fairly soon) that plugs into the lightening port, the same as where you charge your phone. It is so hard to get used to that part at the moment.

Overall I am seriously impressed with this phone and the camera. I love how fast the battery life is and the size really doesn't bother me. I'm really happy I went with this upgrade!

What do you think of my iPhone 7 plus review?

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  1. I recently got the iphone 7, which I'm really loving - I would have loved to have got the plus just for the camera mainly!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. I really went off iPhones by 5s! Every single on that I had (a LOT!) there was always a problem and the cameras were not great. I went for a Samsung S6 and still the camera is better! My best friend is an avid iPhone lover but even she admits my camera is better!

    Your review is great though and you touch on some really good points - battery life is definitely a big plus as that was also another let down for me! Still love Apple though!!!

    Great post x

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