Wednesday, 18 November 2015

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Cleaning Make-Up Brush Scrubber Cleaner - Ebay (£1.06)
I'm super lazy when cleaning my brushes. It's satisfying when I do finally do it. But recently I found a little gem on Ebay which really gave me more encouragement. This baby is called a brushegg. I had seen these around before but I could never find them until I was scrolling through Ebay and it caught my eye. I never really thought of getting a brush cleaning 'accessory', but I thought "why not, let's give it a try" and here I am to review it for you.
It's got dense silicone bobbles at the end and thick silicone ribs running across most of it. You can fit two fingers comfortably inside the hole (steady on...) but the inner edges aren't super comfortable if you're cleaning brushes for ages which can be a problem for me if I am cleaning the brush I use for foundation which is the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. The bobbles are really good for getting small brushes super clean. But the surface is too small for big powder brushes like my Real Techniques Powder Brush. Although it does protect my fingers from getting cold and wrinkly from the running water.
When it comes down to cleaning my brushes, I do like to use this just to get the messier brushes super clean. But It really isn't necessary, and you can just clean them by the way you already do it. You can see a post of how I clean my brushes here.

Do you use a tool to clean your make-up brushes?
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