Tuesday, 17 November 2015

22 things i want to achieve

So, on the 13th I turned 22 and I decided that I wanted to make a list of things that I want to achieve as a 22 year old before I turn 23...oh the thought scares me.
  1. Save up some money for a holiday.
  2. Book the holiday when I get the money.
  3. Move out and get my own flat...I know I wouldn't be able to afford a house just yet.
  4. Look for my dream job.
  5. Improve my diet. Eat more!
  6. Try new things. Get a new hobby.
  7. Continue blogging as much as possible as I love it.
  8. Speaking of blogging, go to blog events and meet fellow bloggers.
  9. Spend less on myself and more on other people.
  10. Go to yoga classes or join the gym.
  11. Read more books because there are amazing ones out there.
  12. Start driving lessons...I need to stop being afraid of driving.
  13. Meet up with friends more often. Not just on night outs but for coffee dates.
  14. Volunteer to help people. Make a difference in someone's life.
  15.  Realise that I will never marry Harry Styles.
  16. Accept the two parts of my body that I have always loathed.
  17. Venture outdoors on my days off work.
  18. Get rid of those negative people in my life.
  19. Be 100% happy with myself.
  20. Chill out more often. I get stressed so easily.
  21. Live life as much as I possibly can.
  22. Visit Disney land and hang out with ALL the Disney characters.
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  1. Happy belated birthday!! hope you had a fabulous day, scares me to think I turn 23 in a matter of months..the year goes so quickly.
    I hope you achieve so many of your points, they're such wonderful things to achieve. I particularly like the Harry Style point haha. And with your blogging points, they're both something I'd want to achieve so I wish you all the luck!!

    Sarah xo || See The Stars


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