Wednesday, 25 November 2015

lush star dust bath bomb

It's that time of year where Lush start bringing in their Christmas range. This pretty much excites me so much as I really do love their Christmas products. They always look too good to use especially their Star Dust Bath Bomb which caught my eye. It's a plain white star as you can see with subtle gold lustre and although you can't see it in the picture there's also spots of a frosty blue in it. It contains fine sea salt, fair trade vanilla absolute, rosewood oil and bergamot oil. There's only a light scent and I would say it's vanilla based.

When I did drop it into the bath I thought it would just fizz in under 20 seconds, but instead it was holding out for a bit longer, lasting maybe a minute or so. It starts off with a white foam and then some light flashes of blue start to appear. Soon enough some small red, blue, green and yellow stars started to come out from the middle. They were made out rice paper so they did soon enough dissolve. This gave such a pretty effect as the coloured stars moved around the water.

When I got out of the bath the lestre settled onto my skin. Although once I dried and moisturised myself some of it went away. The bath was also a tiny bit glittery but it went away easily as soon as I cleaned out the bath. At £2.95 it is one of the cheapest products in the Christmas range and although it doesn't put on much of a show as many of the other products that Lush have to offer, I thought it was a lovely bath bomb. If you know me from my other Lush reviews then you will know that I do prefer bubble bars, but I do love some bath bombs that offer some benefits to my skin as long as they're not too expensive.

Have you tried any of the products from the Christmas range?

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  1. ahhh I picked up SO many lush bathbombs from their festive range as they are my fav, this was one that I picked up - I just thought it would be a plain white bubbly bath bomb. I can't wait to use this now though and see all the colours come through! yay!


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