Tuesday, 3 November 2015

birthday wishlist (2)

I bet you are waiting for me to say it aren't ya? I'm feelin' 22! Well, inside my head I am singing that well known song by Taylor Swift that you have to sing when you do turn the age of 22. I really cannot believe that I will be turning 22 in 10 days time. I'm not much of a birthday fan, I used to love birthday's when I was a kid. If I was invited to a birthday party I was the happiest girl, because of the cake of course. I am more of a Christmas lover, although I do sure as hell like presents. The items below are more of wishful thinking and more of a list that I will probably go out and buy in the near future. Although if my family and closet friends are reading this and have no idea what to get me...then here you go.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer In Apple Cider - John Lewis // Rose Gold Rings - Pandora // Denim Jacket - Topshop // White And Rose Headphones - Experience Headphones // Q & A 5 Year Journal - Amazon // Prada Candy Perfume - Feel Unique // Candon Powershot G7X - Amazon // Pug Mug - Emma Bridgewater
Swooning at how amazing this stand mixer looks. I have been wanting one of these for months. Now I love my baking again, I need a good mixer in my life. Pandora have a lovely collection of rose gold in right now and I am in love with these two rings, If I get two I would be very lucky. I love this denim jacket from Topshop would be so perfect for the chilly days. Back to rose gold and I have been lusting over these headphones for a while now. Getting tired of ear buds, I want my ears to feel comfortable and look fab. I've heard a lot about this Q and A 5 year journal, thought this would be great to write about the things that I get up to by the time I am 26, blimey. Now, I know I will get a new perfume for my birthday as I always do so this would be one that I would like pleaseee. I am hoping to go on holidays next year with Sean and this camera would be perfect to film and take those shots of everything that I see. Lastly a pug related item is a Emma Bridgewater mug. I love her mugs so much but I had to go for one with pugs on!

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  1. awesome selection!


  2. Love this wishlist, the q and a 5 year journal sounds awesome! The pug mug is adorable as well :) xx
    Chasing Belle 23

  3. oh my mum wants one of them stand mixers not to keen on the color though but love the pug mug xx

  4. That mixer is 476439 times prettier than the one I've got sat at home, I want! Great picks and I hope you have a lovely birthday xx


  5. You picked out some great things! The KitchenAid mixer is beautiful!! x
    Louise | helloteddy.co.uk


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