Tuesday, 8 September 2015

why i love loyalty cards

I'm a huge loyalty card hoarder. I think I pretty much have one for everything and I don't know why I didn't do this ages ago because most of them are seriously worth it. I especially love the Boots and Superdrug cards as when I realise I have no money to buy any make-up, I'll go into Boots/Superdrug and notice that I have some money on the cards to use! I also love Bodyshops card as you get points for every time you shop in store or online and you get vouchers like £10 off to spend. You do get emails for event invites and special offers that are in store. And when it's your birthday you get a free gift worth £5 from them for being a member! Recently I joined Monsoon's reward card which was recommended to me by my auntie who is obsessed with Monsoon/Accessorize. When a new season starts, they turn your points into reward vouchers which are automatically added to your card. I especially love this because If I don't have enough money for an item then I will have some on my card. They also start you off with a 10% off voucher when you join to spend in store or online.
Onto food cards, now I have become pretty obsessed with these cards. Firstly supermarket cards which are such a big help if you are doing a food shop for yourself or just picking up a few random bits. Morrisons Match & More card is really handy if you want vouchers and be the first to know about offers in store. I will obviously like this loyalty card as I do work for Morrisons, but I do think it's one to have! Nectar card has become a recent one and I pretty much got this one because a friend told me that she changes the points she earns into free cinema tickets. Also you don't just have to use a Nectar card in Sainsburys but you can use it in Debenhams, House Of Fraser and Next. So if you buy any clothes from your favourite high street store you still get points. Tesco's Clubcard is a card I have had for a long time but have recently only started using it. They are good for vouchers again to spend on your shopping, recently they are changing your £5 vouchers into £10 vouchers which is pretty good.
Now if you are a coffee addict like myself then you would need a Costa card. With every £1 you spend they reward you with 5 points which each point is worth a penny. I always end up getting a free creamy latte or a mouth-watering muffin to enjoy. I have also recently joined Subways aswell but I haven't used it just yet.

Are you joined to any loyalty cards?
thank you for reading!
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  1. This is such a good post! I'm a member of most of the loyalty schemes you mentioned and my collection is growing. I find that as a student they are so handy to keep the costs of shopping down x


  2. I have sooo many royalty cards myself too. Although I try to keep them as many of them in my phone as possible, as they would take too much space in my wallet...

    Be | lovefrombe


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