Friday, 11 September 2015

urban decay make-up setting spray travel size

I've never really used a setting spray before as my make-up doesn't really melt but when I saw this product on Feel and saw "oil control", I was intrigued. I decided to buy the travel size instead of the original size as I wanted to trial the product. I didn't really go with what it says on the box which states "spray it like an X then a T shape" instead I found that spraying after I put moisturiser and make-up on, using the X shape worked out a lot better. This product impressed me! Didn't need to touch up during the day but was a tad oily at the end.
This sprays out a fine mist but it does take a while to dry. Once it's dried, you won't be able to feel it; it is really lightweight. There are no breakouts, no scent and irritation. If you spray this over a matte look, your make-up will not have the cakey look anymore. I did read somewhere that if you spray it on a brush first then sweeping it over the face before and after make-up is the best method. I will have to test that out. I would most definitely repurchase this in the full size product.

Have you tried this product or any other setting sprays?

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  1. Sounds like a lovely little product! I really want to give it a go as I often feel like my face & makeup needs freshening up throughout the day :)

    Hannah x hannatalks


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