Saturday, 23 April 2016

soap and glory sexy mother pucker lipsticks

I never realised Soap And Glory did lipsticks until I popped to their little stand in Boots. So I thought I would buy 1 from each collection (Nudes, Reds & Pinks.) I have tried them all since then and now I can tell you what I think of them!
You can choose from 3 finishes. Matte, Satin and High Shine. I went for the shades Naked Talent, Wine Not?, Pink Up, GirlLipsticks with a satin finish are my favourite as I personally am not a fan of matte lipsticks any more. 
They all remind me of my favourite high end lipsticks in finish and colour. They apply beautifully and last for ages! Personally I think it is best to get them in the satin finish so you don't have that sticky wet look on your lips. It's just the right amount of opaque colour and shine.

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  1. I picked these up in boots today and put them back! I have one of their much older matte versions but the staying power is a bit rubbish so it out me off. Maybe I made the wrong choice!

  2. These all look like such pretty colours and I love the packaging too :)
    Love Holly x


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