Friday, 15 April 2016

a trip to brighton

So a couple of months ago before Sean's 21st birthday I booked up a surprise small trip for us to go to Brighton and the other day it finally happened. I was really excited as I and Sean had never been to Brighton before.

We Stayed at The Artist Residence, where I had seen Bloggers go for events so I thought I would book us a room there. I'm so glad I did because it is a beautiful hotel. The staff are so lovely and it's amazing value for money. 
Our first morning in the hotel we were so excited for Breakfast. It was very delicious every time. The first morning we both had mini full English breakfasts and then on our last day I had Greek yoghurt pancakes.
We had dinner at the Set Cafe one night, it was incredible and our table was in front of the kitchen so it was a very fun dining experience watching the chefs cook.
They also have a Cocktail Shack; which is a cocktail bar. We enjoyed having a few drinks in there before heading out for a meal.
I really recommend you stay here if you're ever in Brighton.

We spent most of our days wondering the cute Laines as there is so much to stumble across. I really loved George Street which had places like Snoopers Paradise for all the knick knacks. It's pretty much a big car boot sale. They had a photo-booth inside where you can dress up and act silly for your photos. There was a shop called Berts Homestore where we got a few gifts for our friends/family from and just general bits for ourselves.

A little far away but 42@six is also worth a visit if you love cold-pressed-juice. I tried one called "Un'Beet'Able", it had carrot, apple, beetrout and lemon. Was really yummy.
For food a place called Creperie which is just off the Brighton seafront and I got the best crepe I have ever had. One evening we did have dinner at a restaurant called The Salt Room where I had amazing fish.

Visited The Sealife Centre which is located right by the Brighton Pier. We did go on the Brighton wheel, a great way to see the whole of Brighton especially on a gorgeous sunny day.
No doubt that we will be back in Brighton soon, as it is such a delightful little city.

We did film a Vlog (our first one in fact) if you want to watch the trip in action...

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  1. Some gorgeous photos you took :) I live in Brighton and I love seeing what tourists get up to while they're here! I'm glad you have a lovely time xx

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  2. Awe i'm so jealous I want to visit there so badly Brighton looks so peaceful and fun!! It just reminds me of Zoe and Alfie haha. Your photos are great :)

    Davina x love from Canada

  3. Awesome post and, I really like your pictures. It looks like you had a great trip.


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