Thursday, 10 March 2016

missguided wishlist: spring wardrobe

Imagine just creating a wishlist and whatever you choose goes straight into your wardrobe? I am currently getting very excited for Spring/Summer and finding those perfect staples becomes easy as Missguided is the perfect place to go.
The pieces I have chosen are just beautiful. I especially love this Porcelain Shirt Playsuit which you can see below. I have always loved Porcelain design on clothes and I got a feeling it will be making an appearance this Summer.
I will link all the links below of the pieces I have chosen for this Spring. And maybe you'll treat yourself to any of them.

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  1. I love those feathered heels! So cute! Missguided always have the nicest things x

  2. Although where I live we're heading into autumn (and I just can't wait) I think these items are gorgeous and such spring essentials! Loved your choices, especially that pink jacket oh my god!
    xx, Coco

  3. Love that laced up striped top! Gorgeous!
    Charlotte //

  4. That playsuit look so lovely! I can't wait to get in to wearing more spring stuff - even thought the majority of my clothing is back and white haha.
    Missguided looks like they've got some really nice bits though! Thanks for the inspo!


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