Thursday, 27 October 2016

a few new things for autumn

With all the shops stocking amazing decor for Halloween and Autumn I find it hard to resist spending a little more. At this time of the year I love to buy most of my clothes and homeware as I just adore everything about it!

I couldn't resist picking up a few things to decorate my home with. I got these cute battery operated pumpkin fairy lights from Homesense which have been hanging from my bed. They were just £2 and they are so bright for battery operated. They also had ghosts ones which I will go back and get at some point.

Candles are a big thing for me when the early nights draw in and I just want something glowing in my bedroom, so I have picked up a few candles this month. First one being a Partylite one, I had never heard of this company before but a friend of mine introduced me to them and now I have about 3 jars of their 3 wick candles (which are amazing!) my Autumn inspired one is called "Maple Walnut". This smells incredible, I haven't light it that much as I don't want to waste it away too quickly. While I was in Homesense I did picked up two candles. I found this Essenza candle that smells like almonds and vanilla, it is really lovely and has been on my bedside table. I did also pick up these tea lights that smell of pumpkin, I haven't took any out yet but they do smell so nice.

Who doesn't love finding a cute pumpkin mug? Well, I found one, in Sainsburys! I have been having hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and it looks ever so cute. They should still have it in stock if you want to grab one yourself.
As I love to bake for Halloween, I decided to pick up these cute cupcake decorations from Homesense. For £2 I couldn't resist. Now I just need to find the time to bake some delicious cupcakes and use them!

For bedding I found the perfect Autumnal duvet set from ASDA. I sadly cannot find the one that I have on their website, but they do have so many nice ones for great prices. I can't wait to get myself a festive one for Christmas.

Have you picked up anything new recently?
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  1. The mug is adorable haha and the candles must smell amazing

  2. I love everything you picked up - its so fun decorating your room/house with autumnal pieces!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. Omg these are too cute!! I've seen that mug in Sainsburys and was so tempted to get it. After seeing it in your blog post - I need to go and get it!! Haha x

    ♡ itsjessiejane ♡


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