Thursday, 6 October 2016

a weekend in barcelona

On the 1st of October, Me and Sean's family packed up and headed to the airport for an early morning flight to sunny Barcelona. We were going to Barcelona because we were going to a concert to see The Red Hot Chili Peppers and to sight see of course.

We got there at around 10am their time and pretty much went straight to our hotel. We stayed at Hotel Barcelona Caredral which was just next to the famous catedral. Our hotel room was beautiful, lots of room, air-con and a huge king-sized bed. It was lush!
We started the day with a tapas at a small restaurant. Started off with a san miguel beer which is essential when you visit Spain. Then we ordered three different plates of small amounts of food. First we had a salted cod in a battered ball which was delicious, second we had squid which I have never had before so I was excited to try it and I surprisingly liked it. Lastly we had small steaks which were really nice also that we ended up having 4 more again.

Shopping wise, all the shops were just outside of the hotel. One shop that I enjoyed was called Happy Pills where you can get sweets/candy from. The concept was pretty cool, you buy any sized bottle, a label to put around the bottle and then just add all the sweets you like. Considering I'm not a sweet lover person I really loved it.
I did find my favourite fashion shops like Bershka, Pull & Bear and Stradivarius. Also I came across a Nyx shop, was very exciting.

One of the only things we had planned for the trip was a night at Palau Sant Jordi to see Red Hot Chili Peppers. I had never been to Palau Sant Jordi before, it is massive.
As we realised the doors weren't going to open until 7pm, we saw that the olympic stadium was just across from us. The boys decided to pay to go onto the pitch and have a kick about whilst me and Sean's sister Amy sat in the VIP with drinks.
We had some drinks at the hotel bar before the show, the mojito I had was the best I had ever had. The concert was great, I was a little too sober but Red Hot Chili's put on a great show.

I have to say the walk from the metro station to the venue was a beautiful scenic walk. We had to go past the Museo Nacional Barcelona (a museum), wow that was bloomin' gorgeous! I wish we'd of had the time to go into there.

The following morning we sort of slept in and missed breakfast, we soon checked out and left our bags in the hotel so we could explore Barcelona a bit more. Me and Amy headed to a little cafe next door to the hotel called Chocolat-Box Cathedral which I had my eye on since the first day we got there. I went for a coffee and a croissant that had caramel sauce on top. Was very delicious!

We headed out onto the high street and visited the shops. I did get a Christmas decor with a little bit of Barcelona on it for my tree this year and a few gifts for family members. Once the boys finished at the Camp (football stadium) we all met up at The Hard Rock Cafe for 'lunch' but was just a massive one.

All in all, a wicked trip to Barcelona! It's such a beautiful city, especially the warm weather! I think me and Sean will be venturing there again next year to see more of BCN.

Have you ever been?
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  1. Beautiful pictures - I LOVE Barcelona ! Great post hun - Georgie - As You Wish UK


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