Monday, 9 May 2016

my favourite soap and glory products

Soap And Glory is definitely one of my most loved drugstore brands of all time and I always find myself browsing their stand in Boots when I probably should restrain myself from spending any more money. I thought I would share with you my top 4 products from Soap And Glory and encourage you to go crazy and buy them all too so I feel better about my spending.

Peaches And Clean - Deep Cleansing Milk - A few months ago whilst shopping around re-stocking on my skincare, I found this 'Deep Cleansing Milk' and purchased right away as it was selling for £6 for a huge 350ml cleanser - bargain. You place a few pumps of this onto a cotton pad and in circular motions remove your make-up. It removes my make-up equally and doesn't need any extra tugging at the skin. It hasn't irritated my skin at all or caused any break outs. My skin feels so smooth and hydrated after using this, I've even gone over my skin with Bioderma and a cotton pad to see if there was any traces of make-up left and there was zilch! 

No Clogs Allowed Self-Heating Deep Pore Mask - You put on this white paste that actually turns blue - a light blue don't expect a dark blue. It is actually amazing. In the sometime that it heats it self up well. It pulls out all the impurities and works on the blemishes. I've started using it just once a month to detox my skin.

Super Cat Eyeliner Pen - My favourite make-up look requires a eyeliner pen in my opinion. Supercat has a super fine tip, which makes it easy to draw on a straight line on your lid. What I like about finer nibs is that I get either a natural fine line, or a thicker for a more dramatic look. Which is normally what happens as I don't have the artist skills for drawing fine lines. For only £6 I highly doubt you'll find one as good, and this eyeliner has firmly made a place in my make-up bag.

Kiss Ass Concealer - This two in-one concealer and setting powder duo helps to achieve the perfect flawless complexion and the results are mind-blowing. You get one concealer for the under eye area, one to put on those not so perfect areas of your face and finally a powder to set everything into place. The translucent powder is a lovely touch as well as it helps brighten up the under eye area beautifully. It helps the concealer stay on longer and minimizes the appearance of pores too.

Have you gave any of these products a try?
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  1. The Supercat liner is my go to. I also love their Smoothie Star body milk, it smells like milkshakes it's the best. Thanks for sharing 😊

  2. I love the kick ass concealer it so good for covering spots!! xx

  3. I was tempted to pick the kick ass concealer up the other day due to it's high coverage!
    Charlotte //


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