Tuesday, 3 May 2016

april favourites

Last month was a really good one, especially when we celebrated Sean's birthday in Brighton. I already miss being there, can't wait to go back there again in the near future. These are just a few things that I loved all last month and still do now.

Me Before You By JoJo Moyles - A book that I only just finished a couple of days ago that I read all through April is Me Before You by JoJo Moyles. It was very good, heartbreakingly so. I'm really excited to see the film, not sure it would be as good as the book though as always. I would highly recommend this if you love a romance book.

Kiko Purifying Pads - In February I purchased face pads from Kiko and only just last month I decided to give them a go as my face was breaking out. It is very rare for me to be blown away by skincare but it finally happened. I had been using them in the evening followed by my moisturiser. When I wake up I have the most glowing, flawless skin. When I apply my make-up it applies better, I have the glow and my face looks so fresh. It is face heaven in a pot. If you're passing your nearest Kiko store, pop in and buy them so you can have happy skin! I'll be purchasing another pot of these.

Coconut Lane Snap Notebook - I'm starting to try and get myself organised with my blog, so I decided to purchase a new notebook from Coconut Lane. I chose a very cute one with camera's on so this notebook will revolve around photographs I need to take for my blog. It contains 36 pages and it is printed on A4 100% recycled paper made from eucalyptus pulp - so they are being very kind to our planet which I love! They also do different patterns and they are a great bargain.

Simple Kind To Eyes Soothing Cream - As we're coming into that time of year where Summer brings us the allergies (mainly pollen) my eyes become irritated. Luckily I have found a gentle formula that won't leave my eyes watering and puffy. At the moment I am using this both night and day as my eyes have become so puffy. All the cream absorbs into the skin so quickly that you forget you have even applied it, but I can see a difference to my eyes since I have started using it. If your eyes are looking a little tired, get your hands on this because £3.65 won't break your bank balance.

Imperial Leather Shower Cream In Foamy Banana - I was kindly sent 2 bottles from the Imperial Leather PR Team last month of their new shower cream in Banana. When I have showers I get way too excited about using this shower cream. It makes my skin smell and feel so good. It is a strong banana scent so if you aren't keen on the smell then this one isn't for you, but Imperial do so many other gorgeous scents that fit everybody. 

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  1. Since when did they do a banana scented one?! I need this!
    Charlotte // www.charlottespicks.com

  2. I know so many people who have read me before you and have enjoyed it. It's not really my style of book but I think I may need to purchase.

    Great post!

    Jasmine x

  3. OMG they have a banana one now? I have the marshmallow one and another sweet one, I so need that one looks amazing (ps. Great post)

  4. I love the imperial leather shower creams but I've not saw this scent - I need to pick it up, my fave is the marshmallow scent one x


  5. Some really lovely favourites - I have the fruit salad imperial leather shower cream and its amazing!

    Lucy | Forever September

  6. Me Before You is such an amazing book - completely broke my heart though. x



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