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wedding guest ideas

wedding outfit ideas

From L-R
A Line Dress - ASOS //Floral Dress - River Island ASOS // Floral Mini Dress - Chi Chi London ASOS // Kimono Midi Dress - Oasis // Long Sleeve Dress - Motel Rocks // Cropped Jumpsuit - River Island
In September I will be attending my friends wedding and because I rarely go to many weddings I looked in my wardrobe recently and I can't seem to find anything that would be acceptable for the day. So I have turned to online shopping and I have found some outfits that could help me with this problem. Firstly I turned to ASOS as they always have some lovely pieces on their website. Starting with this ASOS branded dress which I thought was very formal and something I could wear again after the wedding. It has a lovely touch of lace on the waist and a high neck which I do like. I had something floral and colourful in mind so finding this one from ASOS again but branded by River Island ticked all the boxes. Skater dresses are so easy to style and can be very flattering. The pattern is elegant and I'm only recently just starting to adore the colour yellow. I had never liked wearing yellow as it makes me look more pale skinned but I think I could deal with that as this dress is too pretty! Chi Chi London do some amazingly pretty dresses, I could just have them all in my wardrobe but sadly the prices are off putting to me. So I'm just adding this one to my wishlist because I think it is too pretty to not say no to. Bardot necks always remind me of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn style which is elegant and would look gorgeous for a wedding day. I could imagine just buying this dress to just twirl around my bedroom in.
I have always loved Oasis for their floral girly styles so I went straight onto their website. I came across this kimono style dress with a gorgeous exotic print. I especially love the neck as it's embellished so you wouldn't have to spend money on a chunky necklace to wear. Motel Rocks do have some lovely pieces underneath all their dark and grudge style outfits. I love lace especially this daisy style, it reminds me so much of the 50s/60s time. Lastly is a jumpsuit from River Island. Wide cropped trousers have always been off putting as I don't think they would suit my body shape but I love the style of this. I could imagine wearing it again for future events.
Now all I need to do is decide which is best for this wedding, if you have an idea which one would be acceptable then please let me know. I trust your opinions.
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  1. These dresses are gorgeous.. especially - in my opinion - Asos' A-line dress & River Island's floral dress.. both would be perfect for a wedding/formal event!


    Small&Blonde ♥


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