Wednesday, 29 July 2015

the body shop haul (1)

Yesterday I decided to go to the Merry Hill shopping centre mainly to get some more Tsums Tsums from the Disney store. If you haven't heard of them then where have you been? But after I got them I decided to take a trip into The Body Shop as I recently joined their loyalty card as you get 10% off your purchase which is pretty good for me as I love The Body Shop way too much. But I also had a voucher to spend to get £10 off when I pick up items that are worth £25, so I did that and well you know what happens next. I came out with some purchases that were recommended to me by a helpful girl that works at the Merry Hill store. Let's get onto what I bought!

Mango Body Sorbet - Firstly I went straight to the mango range which caught my eye first, I picked up the Body Sorbet first. I had heard of these body sorbets before but just never thought to give them a try but the scent just changed my mind. They are essentially a moisturiser, but are lighter meaning they sink in quick and don't leave you with that sticky clammy feeling you sometimes get after using moisturiser. The smell reminds me of solero ice lollies, so you can go around smelling like them all day. I used it last night and the texture is so strange, it's like an actual sorbet. It's hard to describe but It feels like your slathering ice cream all over your body. But it's not sticky and it's actually doing something for your skin. Of course this is only for the summer and those heated days/nights as it's an alternative to after sun because it contains 100% organic Aloe Vera. The girl in the store recommended that I put it in the fridge for an even cooler treat.

Mango Body Mist - Still on the mango range, I then picked up their Body Mist which smelt AMAZING. I like it because it isn't so overpowering meaning that you can quickly top up throughout the day if need be. It is packaged nicely, could be a problem if I wanted to put it in my bag and carry it around as it is glass. I feel like I could use this for work as I don't like wearing an expensive perfume all the time. I will definitely give the other scents a try.

Virgin Mojito Shower Gel - Yes you heard it, a shower gel this is that famous cocktail that you have on a night out occasionally. I used this last night and something magically happened when the mint combined with the lime aroma with warm water - It comes to life and of course cleanses the skin without being harsh or stripping. Before I bought this the girl in the store recommended squirting a little under running water and enjoy the minty bubbles in the comfort of your bath tub, that sounded bliss to me. If you have tried anything from the Virgin Mojito range then do let me know as I would like to try the other products.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion - I mainly bought this lotion to treat my blemishes and spots that have appeared around my chin these few days now. I used it last night and already a few of the spots have died down a bit. It's a lightweight lotion that provides light hydration while helping your skin get clearer. It does make your skin clearer by healing those blemishes, but it does not dry out on your skin. I will see how it does with my current spots/blemishes and then I will do a full review on it.

Rainforest Volume Conditioner - This was a random purchase as I had to try and get to the £25 mark but I did want to switch from my expensive conditioner. I used this last night and it is way better than my other conditioner. My hair felt so full of life and looked so shiny this morning. The only downside is that it's only a small bottle so I just know that this won't be lasting for a long time as I wash my hair daily but I think I may leave this in my travel essentials for the future.

Have you been on a Body Shop splurge recently?
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