Wednesday, 27 July 2016

my travel list

Now everyone is travelling on their Summer holidays, it is getting me all excited for my very own in October. I have decided to put together a lust list of travel accessorises for some inspiration for myself and for you if you are struggling to find some things to take along on your travels. 
1. Sleep masks are always handy for on holiday, especially on a plane where you're on a long flight. I remember when I travelled to America and it was such a long flight, so when I had my old sleeping mask it really helped me a get a good sleep on the plane. I love this one from Wildfox.

2. I already have one travel cup, but I just fancied the look of this one from Debenhams.

3. Does anybody else remember one of Zoella's Youtube videos where she talks about what she was travelling with to Florida, well she had this Ted Baker suitcase and I was looking around the internet for ages for it, I finally found it today. I am in need of a new suitcase and this one would be perfect for future trips away.

4. Hand creams are always essential, I love having soft hands. I carry around a tube of hand cream in my bag everywhere I go. I love The Body Shop's hand creams as they always smell amazing and keep my hands soft and moisturised. The coconut one is my favourite for the Summer holidays.

5. A notebook is always useful if you are organising something for your trip away or just to keep note of everything you have with you. Being a forgetful person sometimes like myself I find it so much easier to write everything down and look back to it if I need to remember things. I have my eye on this one from Kate Spade which is called 'a favourite things notebook'.

6. To add some bright colours to my handbag I went for this travel card holder from Oliver Bonas in yellow. Card holders have become so useful for me for a while now. I like to keep my loyalty cards and bank card separately from everything else so If I was to carry around important things on my travels this would be perfect for it.

7. Passport holders are really important for your holidays and having a nice pretty one is essential aswell to me. I love this one from John Lewis with the rose gold letters saying "i'm outta here".

8. To match the passport holder I found the travel luggage tag. Adding something like this would make it so easier to spot your case on the luggage carousel. This one is from Selfridges.

9. Can't beat going away on holiday with a new pair of sunglasses, I couldn't bare to spend so much money on Prada sunglasses (I wish I had the money to) but I did find these on Ebay for just £2.55, what a bargain!

10. Lastly the same reason as the sunglasses, it is always great to walk through the airport with new accessorises and a new bag always makes any girl feel good. I love this tote shoulder bag from Ebay in beige.
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  1. Ahh the ted baker suitcase is so beautiful! x

  2. I'm going away to Malaga a week today and need to get some things for my travels, I really want a passport holder, this one is beaut! going for a nosey on John Lewis now haha.

    Gill McLaughlin

  3. I love the Ted Baker suitcase and the John Lewis passport holder! X

    ♡ itsjessiejane ♡


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