Monday, 7 December 2015

lush haul (5)

While I was doing a little Christmas shopping I decided to go into the one shop that excites me, Lush. I saw all the Christmas products and I just found myself screaming inside with joy. I don't think anyone like myself can go into Lush and resist buying anything - If you can I'm extremely jealous of you! I had already bought a few bits on my previous trip to Lush but I saw these products and I couldn't just leave without trying them out.

MMMelting Marshmallow Moment - Bath Oil: Doesn't this look like something you would get from a pick n mix? The smell is so strong of sweet marshmallow. So these kind of work like bath bombs, you just put them into your bath and they melt slowly, rather than fizzing like the bombs. This is such a cute little melt - it smells just like candy!
The Magic Of Christmas - Reusable Bubble Bar: This one truly captures Christmas, I mean just look at it! It smells of oranges and candid fruits. Like the Magic Wand, it is reusable and you can get up to 10 baths out of the product according to the girl who served me in Lush. 
Big Bang - Bubble Bar: This isn't the biggest bubble bar in the world, but that doesn't bother me much to be honest. It's a beautiful blue shade, with yellow dots around it and a big pink star in the middle. The pink star is actually a bath melt. I'm really excited to see what this brings to my bath time.
Bar Humbug - Bubble Bar: Although this doesn't smell too Christmassy, I really do like the scent! It smells like liquorice and blackcurrant which is a nice alternative to my favourite which is The Comforter this winter.
Snow Fairy - Shower Gel: Every year I see bloggers stocking up on the festive favourite so that they can use it all year round - so I thought I would buy it to see what all the hype was about. And now I see why! It smells bloomin' gorgeous! I may have to buy myself another bottle.

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  1. Oh gosh they look so good! have to go to lush again....urgently haha :D thanks for sharing!

    xx Monia :*


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