Wednesday, 3 June 2015

aims & goals : june

Now that we are in June and Summer is now upon us I have decided to do a list of aims and goals for the month. If you don't know already next month on July 18th I will be taking part in the Race For Life with my friend Victoria. So some of my aims are to get pumped up for that and some are to do daily. If you are interested in donating to help us with our fundraising you can visit this page (here). Little donation or a big one would mean a lot to me. All donations go to Cancer Research UK.

  • Yoga/Long Walks - I used to do Yoga many years ago and it slowly got put to one side as I started working and could say I got slightly that is the reason actually. I hardly ever go for long walks, I mostly get a lift to work or catch buses/trains to places. Seeing as the 10k race that I am taking part in involves walking/running I would need to be fit and ready to be walking so much. So my aim is to do Yoga at least 3 days a week and go for a walk maybe in the morning or afternoon to work or else where.
  • Drink More Water/Make More Smoothies - Drinking wise I am never the best when it comes to drinking water. The drink I mostly have everday is lemonade and some days I have noticed how bloated I feel once it comes to eating a meal to the point where I can't even eat most of my meal because I feel full already. It also hasn't helped my skin as I have experienced more blemishes around my chin. So I am going to stay off lemonade and stick to having water. I also have a smoothie maker that I have not used for a long time so I want to try and make my own smoothies or follow recipes of what others have done.
  • Visit Somewhere I Have Never Been Before - Recently I have enjoyed going out of Birmingham and visiting my boyfriend who is currently in Stoke. I had never been to Stoke before so visiting him and going to new places for him also has been exciting. But now my next place on my list is Brighton. I have been wanting to travel to Brighton for a quite a while now and I think this could be a new trip for me soon. If you know any good places to go to in Brighton please feel free to tweet me or leave a comment below on this post.
  • Take More Photos On Instagram - My instagram page has become abandoned recently, I used to adore taking photos on my instagram as I liked the idea of sharing memories or just small things with my followers, you guys I guess if you do follow me on there. But now I just want to start taking photos again even if it is just a small thing or something memorable that I do want to share.
Do you have any goals set for this month?

thank you for reading!
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