Thursday, 4 May 2017

how to get into holiday saving mode

Being a Blogger can sometimes be difficult especially when you're a shopping addict - guilty as charged! But there are ways to save money for important things, for me I am saving for a car and just putting money away if I need it for emergencies.
Summer is coming around and that means it's Holiday/Vacay season! Myself and Sean are going to Barcelona, Spain in July which is coming around so fast already. Today I am going to share with you some tips on how to get into a holiday saving mode ready for your time away. I hope I can help you in anyway possible if you are a shopaholic like me...
Open a savings account. I did this when I turned 16 and I am so happy that did. If you are aiming towards something like a mortgage on a house, a new car or a holiday this is the perfect way to put some money away each month. Each month I put away at least £30 which isn't a lot but It does help. This would be helpful if you are going on a big trip, somewhere like New York. If you want to read top tips on looking for the right savings account, go here.

Earn some extra cash. Recently I have been obsessed with selling a view bits on Ebay. When you start earning loads more money you suddenly think WHAT ELSE CAN I SELL. Look through your Summer clothes for example and think of what you would take or wouldn't take away with you and give them to somebody who could use them more than you. The money I have made from selling a few of my things are going towards some new holiday bits and it gets you more excited.

Saving when online shopping. Everyone loves shopping online it's simple and easy, but it can make you poor and abuse your bank balance in the process. There are ways to save money while browsing online. Every time I now use TopCashBack, which hides in the background when you go on a website and it tracks when you buy something and you get a percentage back of what you spent. It's worth giving it a try!

Get the best deal on travel money. If you are at the point now where you have booked your flights and hotel, now is the time to get the best exchange rate on your travel money. The best time to start getting your euros for example is at least one month before your holiday. This gives you enough time to order your travel money online if you wish to. Don't wait until you get to the airport, your hotel or foreign banks, as these will usually charge more commission I learnt this last year when I bought some in Barcelona.

I hope these tips have helped you and let me know if you are yourself going away on a Holiday this year.
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  1. I always overbuy when I shop online because it's just so easy! Thanks for recommending TopCashBack, I really need that! Or maybe I should just stop browsing those e-commerce sites! Hhaahah 😂

  2. Opening a savings account is a great idea, I opened one about a year ago now (should've done it earlier) - but it definitely helps build up some money for trips abroad etc!

    Lucy | Forever September

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