Wednesday, 11 January 2017

my goals for 2017

Well, hello there. I feel like I haven't typed anything on this platform for so long now and I'd firstly like to apologise for that. As you probably know when Christmas comes around it can be hard to find the time to sit and write down a blog post (saying that it seems most people did.) But as I'm currently in Devon on a mini breakaway I thought now is the time to tell you my goals for 2017.

I have to say that when I did this sort of post one year, I truthfully didn't stick to it! Now that is going to change as I really want to make some great changes this year that will help me. Here are my top 10 for the year :

1. Drink more water. Ditch the fizzy drinks, they aren't good for me!
2. Don't skip breakfast or else I will just be less likely to binge on something unhealthy later on in the day.
3. Don't go on my phone, at least once every hour.
4. Never go food shopping while hungry.
5. Remember to recycle.
6. Save up some money once a month towards that holiday I want in July.
7. Exercise more. Set some goals.
8. Start reading more great books that are out there, no excuses.
9. No more takeaways, plan some great meals to have in the week.
10. Take care of myself more. We can sometimes feel so guilty neglecting our own needs.

What are your goals for the year?
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