Wednesday, 16 November 2016

lush haul (10)

Whilst I was in Brighton the other day I decided to go into the one shop that excites me, Lush. I saw all the Christmas goodies and I just found myself screaming inside with joy. I did stop myself from picking up a bottle of the Snow Fairy shower gel as I already have 3 bottles from last years trip. But here are my Lush Christmas picks this year...

So White Bath Bomb - "Crisp apple-scented waters, as pure as the driven snow, fizz and foam, while bergamot oil and rose absolute restore peace and calm." Now doesn't that just sound AMAZING. I really cannot wait to use this as a pick me up on a cold Novembers day.

Peeping Santa Bubble Bar - I love the bubble bars from Lush and I just had to pick up this one up again because It gives you so many bubbles and it smells SO good.

Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar - This is a super cute bubble bar but oh so fragile! One of the staff in Lush said that this paried with Shoot For The Stars will make your bath look incredible. Sadly it wasn't in the Brighton store so I may have to go out and pick it up to try them both together.

Never Mind The Ballistics - Oh my this just smells incredible. The lime and sweet wild orange oils are fresh and peachy on the nose, really shakes up your mood. Could you imagine the colours that would come out in your bath? I think this could be Instagram worthy.

Snow Fairy Body Conditioner - I couldn't just walk away from the skin treats. I have already used some of this this morning and it is so simple to use. Slather this over your skin whilst you are in the shower, rinse and then pat dry yourself and allow the oils to sink in. Your skin will smell of candy/sweets that lingers for hours.

Sleepy Body Lotion - Another skin saviour I couldn't leave behind is this twilight scented, lavender cream which contains skin softening oats and coco butter. No lie, if you use this before you go to sleep, it really helps you drift off. There's something truly magical about this stuff...may have to pick up a bigger pot!

What is your favourite from this years range?
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  1. I completely forgot that Lush already had the Christmas stuff in stores. I'm so gonna lose my mind when I go there next week haha

    Marta -


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