Friday, 17 June 2016

zoella sweet inspirations beauty range

The other day whilst I was wondering around some shops, I saw in the corner of my eye a new Zoella stand in Superdrug...straight away I went to have a look. I had seen and heard of her new beauty range, but this was the first time that I saw them up close. The rose gold and pastel colours truly had me on board, so I ended up buying most of the products. I'm gutted that they didn't have the Body Fondant, must be a good sign that it's good. I couldn't wait to get home and try out these is what I thought of them.

Zoella Le Fizz (Fragranced Bath Fizzer) - As much as I love to buy the dramatic bath bombs from Lush, sometimes you just can't beat some bath salts or even fizzlers. I tried out Zoella's Tutti Fruity Bath Fizzers from her last range and they were my favourite. They are still the same as the other bath fizzer's but the scent has changed.

Zoella Double Creme Body Cream - Now when I heard that this was Macaroon scented, I was over the moon! It's enriched with sweet almond oil, honey and cacao. It is a more thicker creme to the last range, it feels a lot more hydrating and cooling on the skin. 

Zoella Sugar Dip (Scented Bath Salt Granules) - The packaging on this is so so pretty. It really caught my eye. Like I said before I do like bath salts, and these were really nice to use. Especially with the bath latte. Brings out a sweet smell into your bathroom.

Zoella Bath Latte - This looks lovely in my bathroom along with all my other products. I would definitely keep using this with the sugar dip bath salts as it enchants the smell.

Zoella Fragrance Body Mist - Now onto my favourite out of them all. This mist certainly lasts a long time. The smell reminds me of Summer instantly! Spraying a tiny bit of this onto your body after using the double creme makes it last longer throughout the day.

What do you think of Zoella's new beauty products?
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  1. this range honestly looks so so good! I really hope it to comes into my local store xx

  2. Honestly, I'd never even considered buying any Zoella products before this range but that packaging though! And the idea of macaroon scents just makes me so tempted. I'm definitely going to grab the latte and the salts, after your recommendation!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and these beautiful pictures, Paige!

    Bethany | Curly and Wordy

  3. everyone is raving about the scent of these, I need to hunt them down in Superdrug and smell them asap!
    Charlotte //

  4. I wasn't a massive fan of the new scent :( I'm so sad because everything is just so pretty, but I think I prefer the Tutti Fruity range! I'm going to go and have another smell though, just to be sure! :) X
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter


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