Wednesday, 28 January 2015

new brush additions for just £1!

I have been a huge lover of Ebay lately and I don't know if it is a bad thing or not seeing as I have bought a lot of things lately! But the prices have always been lower than £10, one of those items I have bought recently are these Professional Kabuki Brushes Set for just £1 with free delivery! You can buy these brushes in 8 different colours, I decided to stick with the Gold and Black which I am glad about. I haven't used them yet as I only got them delivered yesterday to my door but I am so excited to. They feel sooo soft and they came in such good condition. Bubble wrapped and in a sealed packet so they didn't get damaged which was good.
They don't exactly have names for each of the brushes which is a bit disappointing but I guess it will be an adventure to see what each brush is good at. Just so you know before you do buy these that they are coming all the way from China, so they do take a while I come although these were expected to come in February so they came a bit early for me which I am not complaining about. If you do want to buy them the link is here.
I wish I could say more about the brushes but I will do a review very soon once I have tried them out.
thank you for reading!
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  1. Oooh these look interesting! Definitely can't wait to hear your verdict on them!

  2. these look really nice! Thanks for sharing :)


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