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soap & glory supercat eyeliner pen

Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen - £6
Ever since I started swooning over Alexa Chung and her perfect eyeliner flicks, my determination to get those flicks has become like a mission. This means that I have tried more liquid eyeliners than I would care to remember and I have had those wonky eyeliner days where one eye would not match the other. I've always found it tricky, even in those school days my friends would get it just right. But since a few months ago I have discovered the genius that has been helping me finally get those cat eyes.

Like I have said I have been through a few of these so called 'perfect' eyeliners and I have liked a few. I have swapped brands quite a lot. Looking for the one that stays put all day, doesn't smudge and gives you a crisp flick that many other girls who can pull off the eyeliner like Alexa would be jealous of! Before I start off this review, I just want to say that I do not think that this is a 'perfect''s a very, very good one, but it's not the perfect one I have yet to discover.

As much as I love Soap & Glory products, their make up is something that I have never ventured into. When my trusty eyeliner (the one that I had used through college days and always went back to) ran out, I took a little wonder into Boots and over to the Soap & Glory make up stand and stumbled across the Supercat Eyeliner Felt Tip Pen. I had always heard great things about this eyeliner but I just never thought of giving it the chance, so once I saw it I just had to buy it. What I have always loved about felt tip liners is how easy they are to apply, you have none of that faff of having to fiddle around with a teeny tiny pot of liquid liner and one of those plasticky stick like brushes which I can't bare to go near as they are just the worst.
This pen is not just only a bit of a bargain at £6, which makes it cheaper than a lot of the others out there, but it's also one of the first ones I have tried that doesn't bend the truth slightly when it says it is Carbon Black. When It says deep, rich colour, believe me, they mean it. It goes on so smoothly when you apply this, and because of the brilliant pigmentation, one line and you are good to go. What I love about this pen is that you can do two looks, either do a delicate, super thin line or a thicker edge to create a more defined, dramatic flick.

The question is does this last longer? and the answer is, yes it lasts literally all day! I guess one of the downsides is that it isn't exactly waterproof. And I do get watery eyes especially if it is so windy outside and it blows into my eyes. When it comes to removing your make up after a long day in the evening, it comes off like a dream. I know from reviews people have said they didn't like the smell...well the smell does not bother me.

For the price that it is I think that it is well worth the money and it's something that I would most definitely buy again next time this one runs out. This has also made me curious about what other make up Soap & Glory has to offer. For now though I am hoping they do bring out a version that is just a tad more waterproof for us watery eyed ladies. 

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