Monday 9 April 2018

an april to do list

1. Have another beauty clear out. I noticed the other day while searching thru my beauty drawer, that I own quite a lot of make-up and skincare! I think when I have a whole weekend free, I will throw away the expired bits, passing on some unused bits to loved ones and only keeping those that I use often and love.

2. This month I will be going to Brighton for Sean's birthday with our close friends for a camping weekend and I am so excited. So my goal is to save money for activites that we will be getting up to and a lil bit because of all the cute shops I don't have back home.

3. Keep my bedroom clean and tidy. One thing I can't seem to keep up with is the dust on my shelves in my bedroom. Nothing I hate more than dust! So I will be cleaning my bedroom as much as possible and re-arranging a few things here and there.

4. Go to Yoga classes on weekends. When I have a Sunday off work, I would love to start attending Yoga classes as much as I can. I love doing it at home but I much prefer having a professional show me some new moves and It gets me out of the house.

5. Eat a little better. It's time to cut down on my sugar intake and take more of a healthier approach. I have been loving having Graze boxes again delivered to my door. If I ever want a nicer snack, I will go straight to my box and pick out something. Also, carrying them around in my handbag helps aswell if I get hungry while on the train or out and about.

6. Re-stock on my bath stash. I only have one or two bath bombs left so I will need to go to Lush soon and pick up some new bits.

7. Try some different kinds of teas. Recently ordered a box of Marrakesh Tea for my coffee machine and I am so excited to give it a try.

8. Pick up this lovely buttoned shirt from Topshop that I saw on Kate Lavie's YouTube video. After watching her style it, I just need it in my wardrobe. I love a good buttoned up shirt, especially if it has tortoise shell buttons.

9. Celebrate mine and Sean's three year anniversary at our favourite place in Stoke On Trent (where we first met) The Whitmore Tea Rooms for afternoon tea and explore the best garden centre I have ever been to!

10. Find myself a new floral scent for Spring. I have my eye on the Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede after smelling it weeks ago in Selfridges.

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  1. I love to do lists!! It makes me feel so organised during the month and gives me something to accomplish! That reminds me, I need to have a beauty clear out soon! X


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